Sunday, October 2, 2011

Utah Part I of ?

While we were out in Utah we got to see most of Jarom's siblings, 9 out of the 11 kids were there and we also got to see his parents which was a bonus. Since we were all going to be out there his sisters made plans for us all to do activities together. One of the first activities was to go to Sweets candy factory. They make salt water taffy, jelly beans, cinnamon bears, orange sticks, among other things. Since our group was so big they split us up into 2 groups. Jarom took Jerry and went in the first group. Jerry did really good and kept his hair net on the whole time. I tried to get him to put his hair net on again so I could get a picture but of course he was angry about that.

I learned that making jelly beans takes years of training. I guess it is an art form of getting the correct ratio of coloring to flavoring to sugar, who knew. We ended the days adventures with lunch at Hires and you can never go wrong with Hires.