Wednesday, November 10, 2010


We were so excited this year to dress Jerry up, and we thought that with the pale skin and red hair, he would make the perfect little leprechaun. After searching online with no luck, we realized that our dream wasn't going to become a reality. There are no cute leprechaun costumes or patterns available anywhere on this entire earth! Since Kristen and I are not creative enough to come up with one on our own, we decided to go with this little golfer outfit instead. It seemed to be a similar Irish theme.

We took him to the ward trunk-or-treat and somehow convinced him to carry around the little set of golf clubs which came with the costume. He carried them around for almost 45 minutes.

Someone in our ward gave him a pencil and that was all he wanted for the rest of the time.

Jerry with his friend Luke.

Now that he is walking, he likes to cruise all over the place.

Maybe next year we will have better luck with the Leprechaun.