Monday, August 30, 2010

The Chicken Pox

While we were out in Utah we celebrated Jerry's and Amber's birthdays together. We had a bbq with family and friends, which was a lot of fun, except for the fact that Jerry broke out with Chicken Pox that day. As I was undressing him to put him in his swimming suit I noticed all of these marks all over his chest and back. When I showed them to my mom and sister they knew immediately that he had the chicken pox. Who gets chicken pox? You never hear of people getting it anymore, but I guess Jerry does. Even though I am sure he was itchy and uncomfortable the following week, he was a good trooper. He was only grumpy for a couple of days, the rest of the time I thought he did really well. I guess 2 good things came of it. We got to stay in Utah for an extra 5 days, since the airline wouldn't let us fly until he was no longer contagious. And he got to skip one of his immunization shots, which is always a nice thing. Now I just hope that the scars on his face and body will go away, but if not I guess they will just give him more character.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

We Shall Call Him, Mini-Me

Everyone always says how much Jerry looks like Kristen and we've always agreed, but if there has ever been doubt in anyone's mind, look no further than this picture of Kristen when she was a baby. We found it a couple of days ago and couldn't believe the resemblance.