Thursday, May 31, 2012

May in a nutshell

This month has been super busy and crazy but it has been a great month. To start the month out Jarom graduated from dental school. My dad came out for the graduation and our kids had a lot of fun with him. Two days after my dad left Jarom's parents and aunt Judy came out to celebrate his graduation and mothers day. We had lots of fun with them. We took jerry to the new pirate movie and went to the Kentucky Horse Park. We were very happy they were able to come visit us before we moved. Three days after they left a moving company came and packed all of our things and moved us out. While they were there I took the kids to the zoo with some friends. I am so happy that I didn't have to pack or move anything it was so nice. On Saturday I cleaned our house and we flew to Orlando. While in Florida we took the kids to Disney World, played at the pirate ship pool at our hotel and took the kids to the beach. Florida was great, however Magic Kingdom was a lot of work with our kids. When we got back to Kentucky we immediately started driving and made it to Kansas City Missouri at 2 am. The next day we made it to Colorado and stayed with Jarom's brother for a few days. While there we went to The Garden of the Gods and walked around there. It was really pretty and it was so nice to see the mountains again and family. Then we drove to Utah. For all of the driving we did our kids did so great with minimal crying. Ruby did much better driving than she did flying. On our flight she screamed and I mean SCREAMED for most of it. The lady sitting in front of us had cupped her hands over her ears to block out the noise coming from Ruby. Now we are in Utah and Jerry and Ruby are loving hanging out with their cousins. We will be here until the end of July then we will be driving to Texas for Jarom to start working as a dentist for the Army. He is stationed at Fort Hood and we will be living in Temple. I really miss Kentucky and all of our wonderful friends we have made.