Thursday, October 16, 2008

Our trip to the Races

You can't live in Kentucky and not go to the horse races, so when Kristen's mom was in town we went to one.
We felt kind of underdressed because everyone else was wearing dresses and suits while we were in jeans and t-shirts. The race track looks like dirt, but it is actually made of some fibrous material mixed with wax so when it is wet it still has the same consistency. It smelled just like crayons.
Before the races start, they bring all the horses out for everyone to see. I have never seen such muscular horses in my life. You could tell that they were well taken care of. After they are brought out, the jockey's come out and mount them. This was the winner of the first race. They sell programs that give you the stats for each horse telling how much they win, what the odds are that they will win again and this is how people decide which horses to bet on.
It really was amazing to watch them race.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

White coat ceremony

So I just had a ceremony to get my white coat and its kind of a big deal. Kristen was in Utah so I had some friends take a picture of me and I photoshopped her into it. Pretty classy isn't it? I felt dumb at the ceremony because I didn't know it was such a big deal so I didn't wear a tie. I, along with Bryce Jones were the only ones not wearing ties (I told him not to wear one). All the faculty think that my name is pronounced Ja-rome, so I was afraid that they would call me that when they read my name. To my suprise, the lady didn't, she called me JAR-UM. I'm sure the people in the audience were thinking to themselves what kind of freaky name is that? Maybe someday they will get it right.
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