Thursday, March 17, 2011


Jerry is so so so ready for warm weather. As you can tell from his expression, he is sick and tired of hanging out inside with his horse.

Since it has warmed up Jarom and Jerry were recently clearing our garden of weeds and grass. Jerry was doing a good job of helping by putting the weeds in the wheelbarrow. He was actively going back and forth having a fun time. After doing this for a while Jarom noticed that Jerry had stopped helping. When Jarom turned around Jerry was holding something in front of his face with his mouth open. (After watching "Monsters Inside Me" we are both a little freaked out about letting Jerry play outside. This is because Jerry puts everything in his mouth, and you never know what scary parasite he may pick up.I don't recomend this show for over protective parents, you may never let your child outside) Jarom rushed over to him to stop him from eating what was in his hand Jarom got there just in time to stop him from putting a worm in his mouth.

Bath Time

As you can see from the first picture Ruby hated getting her spit bath. But once we were able to put her in the water she enjoyed it.

Jerry fresh out of the tub, getting cleaned up from dinner and getting ready for bed.


What's better than one cup of milk? TWO cups of milk!!

Jerry has always been a pretty small kid. He has always been right under the 50th percentile in height and 3rd percentile for weight. He eats, he just doesn't eat a lot, unless he really enjoys it.We had some friends over for dinner this week, to keep him happy while we talked, we gave him a piece of dessert. Needless to say he enjoyed it. He ate all of it, licked the plate clean and somehow managed to get it all over himself.