Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Utah part II

Although we went to Utah 6 months ago, I thought I would still finish the post. Better late than never I suppose. While we were there we hiked to Timp Cave which was a lot harder than I remember. I haven't hiked to the cave since I was in elementary school. I have to admit the cave was a little disappointing, but fun none-the-less. We went to Mammoth Cave in Kentucky before we had Ruby which will make any future cave experience disappointing.

We left Jerry with Jarom's sister, which was a very good idea since he would have whined the whole time. He wouldn't have done very good on the hike. After our hike we had dinner further up the canyon near Tibble Fork Reservoir. Oh how we miss the mountains. A vacation is never complete without a child getting sick. Jerry had a raging fever which luckily only lasted 2 days. (the previous year Jerry was sick with Roseola for one week followed by an ear infection for one week, followed by 2 weeks of chicken pox, all of which were consecutive during our vacation to Utah and California.)We got some good "sick pictures" of Jerry during dinner. Jerry was a miserable little buddy. The upside to him getting sick is that he finally slows down enough to snuggle which is rare for him.

Lizzy trying to comfort Jerry
We spent 4th of July with Jarom's family, and of course I did not take any pictures. We did have a lot of fun at Jarom's sisters house and had some amazing food. I am very envious of her backyard. Jerry loved playing back there and did so well, it was nice not to have to worry while he was outside. Jerry has 2 cousins who were born within 6 months of his birthday so it was fun to see them play together. I look forward to seeing them play this summer.

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