Thursday, January 26, 2012


We went to the zoo in the beginning of November when we had beautiful weather. I went with one of my friends and her 6 kids and had a lot of fun. Jerry did, however run away and was lost. When we finally found him, he was in the reptile house without a care in the world. I was scared but he couldn't have cared less. Jerry has started to really like going to the zoo and loves to see all the different animals. On this particular trip, he was a big fan of the white tigers and the elephants. Later that day while Jerry was taking a bath he pointed to his privates and said "Elephant!!" Apparently he recognized a similarity between the elephant trunk and his privates.

Jerry has been going poop on the potty for the last 5 months or so. I haven't done much to train him, he has just likes using the toilet. In the beginning, whenever I noticed him grunting I would put him on the toilet but he will now tell us when he needs to go. There are a few problems with this though. Whenever he wants to get out of anything he yells" poo poo on potty" repeatedly. He knows if he says this that we will stop what we are doing and put him on the toilet. He especially likes to yell " poo poo on potty" in stores, before going to bed, and during long car rides. Since he is still pretty small and young he needs our help. He is pretty good about getting his pants and diaper off, but can't get on the toilet. He is also very particular about how you help. He is very insistent that you place both of your hands on his knees. If you move your hands he yells, "knees, knees." until you put your hands back. We often tell Jerry to push otherwise he gets distracted and just sits there.

Last week Jarom was using the bathroom and Jerry went in to visit him. Jerry then proceeded to place his hand on Jarom's shoulder and looked him in the eyes and said, "push". Then Jerry did the same thing to me later that day. I don't have a picture of Jerry on the toilet but I do however have a picture of Ruby on the toilet. She was grunting while she was in the bath and I didn't want to clean that up so I put her on the toilet and she actually went poop on the potty.
I often hear Jerry say, "UH OHH." When we first put our Christmas tree up Jerry thought it would be wise to climb on in. I was in the other room with Ruby and heard a crash. I went into the living room to find Jerry under the tree. Needless to say later that day I tied the tree to the wall. I think Jerry was a bit afraid of the tree after this and did a good job leaving it alone.

To go along with the climbing theme, Jerry finds it so funny to climb into the dryer. He is not so much a fan of the washing machine because it spins too easily and has gotten hurt in it.

Train Train Jerry is obsessed with trains. He likes to put whatever he can get his hands on from chairs, toys, household goods in a line and call it a train. He is constantly moving our kitchen table chairs and requests that you sit on his train.

Jerry does a lot of funny things that make me laugh.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Utah part II

Although we went to Utah 6 months ago, I thought I would still finish the post. Better late than never I suppose. While we were there we hiked to Timp Cave which was a lot harder than I remember. I haven't hiked to the cave since I was in elementary school. I have to admit the cave was a little disappointing, but fun none-the-less. We went to Mammoth Cave in Kentucky before we had Ruby which will make any future cave experience disappointing.

We left Jerry with Jarom's sister, which was a very good idea since he would have whined the whole time. He wouldn't have done very good on the hike. After our hike we had dinner further up the canyon near Tibble Fork Reservoir. Oh how we miss the mountains. A vacation is never complete without a child getting sick. Jerry had a raging fever which luckily only lasted 2 days. (the previous year Jerry was sick with Roseola for one week followed by an ear infection for one week, followed by 2 weeks of chicken pox, all of which were consecutive during our vacation to Utah and California.)We got some good "sick pictures" of Jerry during dinner. Jerry was a miserable little buddy. The upside to him getting sick is that he finally slows down enough to snuggle which is rare for him.

Lizzy trying to comfort Jerry
We spent 4th of July with Jarom's family, and of course I did not take any pictures. We did have a lot of fun at Jarom's sisters house and had some amazing food. I am very envious of her backyard. Jerry loved playing back there and did so well, it was nice not to have to worry while he was outside. Jerry has 2 cousins who were born within 6 months of his birthday so it was fun to see them play together. I look forward to seeing them play this summer.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Utah part IV

My dad came out from NV a couple of weekends so we could visit. We started our visit out by going to Steel Days in AF. We watched the last bit of the parade then headed over to the carnival. Jerry really liked going down the slide and kept asking for more. We took him on a train ride and then the carousel. He is so obsessed with trains now but he didn't care much about it then which is a little sad. Later we went to see my sister Renae and her family. Jerry had a lot of fun riding with Kiley on her scooter and riding with Addison on her power wheels.

My dad came out a few weeks later and we again had a lot of fun with him. We went to the Lehi pool which is a lot of fun. I could actually take Jerry down the big slide and I am not sure if he or I had more fun. I think if it was up to Jerry we would go to the pool everyday, he loves the water so much. The next day we headed to the park to have a picnic with Renae and her family. It was such a nice day, the weather was perfect.

Utah Part III

The rest of our trip was spent with my family and visiting friends. We had a lot of fun playing at my sisters house. They have a huge sandbox, an above ground pool, and a few blow up toys. Jerry played in her backyard for many many hours. My kids loved her house so much it was hard to get them to leave, but while we were there they were both really well behaved. It was so nice to have my nephews around even though they are a bit older. Jerry loved playing with them.

One of the days my sister had a big bbq at her house. I got to see some of my cousins, an aunt, and my brother and his family.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Our little climber

Ruby has become quite the little climber